Welcome to NIKE Solutions
NIKE Solutions is a recognized software development and service provider for the financial industry. Asset managers, warrant and structured products issuers, private and investment banks, stock exchanges, online brokers and media portals rely on products and services of NIKE Solutions to implement and optimize their on- and off-line information processes, increase the quality of their data management and minimize IT costs.

NIKE Solutions specializes in building modern, customizable Desktop, Internet and Intranet systems and financial datamarts that are focused on our client's specific business needs. Due to its multi-channel capabilities and open interface concept, our solutions can easily and seamlessly be integrated into any existing information management architecture.

By aggregating real-time and historical data in all asset classes from the major world's financial markets and applying financial engineering and technology innovation on all levels of the development and service processes, NIKE Solutions helps its customers successfully meet the increasingly complex realm of information management.

NIKE Solutions bases its long-term strategy on the experience of its software and finance specialists in development, implementation and support for complex financial applications.
Desktop Applications
Classic desktop software, or standalone applications. NIKE Solutions can develop it for your business to automate your company processes.
Make your data accessible to customers and suppliers in a secure and consistent manner. Across internet, intranet, extranet or your desktop, NIKE Solutions creates solutions that will make your company processes more efficient.
Small plug-in programs for web sites and desktop computers. NIKE Solutions creates components to international standards that enable easy integration of new functionality into existing web sites or desktop applications.
Web Sites
Want more from your web site than a set of static pages and an email address? NIKE Solutions can provide you with feature rich and dynamic database driven web sites that allow your business to do business on the web.
Web Services
Provide your customers with an enhanced set of services via the Internet that can be easily integrated into their own systems. NIKE Solutions can build web services providing automated transactions and data flow.