Web Sites
NIKE Solutions specialises in adding extra features to web sites. We create dynamic web sites rich in features that provides a visitor with information that is up to date, personalised and relevant. Our goal is to increase the usefulness of the site to the visitor. This added value encourages visitors to stay longer and revisit more often.
Adding value to web sites

NIKE Solutions can offer extra value by adding dynamic features to a site that interacts with visitors. We create dynamic, fluid web sites, as opposed to static brochure sites that do not engage visitors. All of developments of NIKE Solutions are customised to reflect your business needs.

Transform visitors into customers. NIKE Solutions provides anything from a simple shop front to a complete database solution with full e-commerce and customer personalisation. We can integrate your site to on-line payment systems such as SaferPay to take the hassle out of credit card payments.

Data is one of your most valuable assets. Visitors want to know about you and your services. Allowing visitors to access data will encourage them to select you above your competitors. Specific data can be available only to visitors who login for secure access. A search page will allow visitors to easily find the data they need. NIKE Solutions can assist you in exposing data on your web site in a secure and controlled manner.

Make your site interactive. Use communication tools to encourage an internet community on your site. Engage your visitors in a dialogue and enable them to send you feedback. This will give visitors a sense of participation in your web site and your origanisation. NIKE Solutions can offer:
  • forums
  • message boards
  • chat rooms
  • email

Web site technology can help make your internal business processes more efficient by putting your company data onto a secure intranet. The site data is only available to company personnel and can be used to create a single repository for your data. This will allow employees to find data quickly and efficiently. Company documents can be accessed in one place and data easily shared between departments.
NIKE Solutions Web Site Solutions

We have helped our clients with simple add-ons to existing web sites through to the complete process of taking a client from concept to completion. Our expertise will create the solution you require for a fixed cost and delivery date. We are happy to take on all types of projects, large and small. Contact us for an informal, friendly chat.